If you are in need of a mentor to help with your beekeeping or would be willing to help other beekeepers as a mentor, you can reach Harry Jones at ph: 260-715-1453 or email:

Mentor List:

Bruce Kennedy, Albion

     ph. 636-7254

Terry Dalrymple, Angola         

     ph. 668-8639

Doug Cheek, Auburn

     ph. 413-6337

Dave Myers,  Auburn 

     ph. 750-3673

Joe Hoover, Auburn    

     ph. 410-1085

Brian Smith,  Auburn (south)

    ph. 403-3720

Dean Gerber,  Bluffton     

     ph. 565-3773

Dean Drudge, Butler       

    ph. 908-2815

Jim Reinoehl, Corunna  

   ph. 281-2491 

Ned Gatchell,  (NE) Ft. Wayne

   ph. 704-3894

Harry Jones, (NW) Ft. Wayne

   ph. 715-1453 or 637-1453               

Ted Braun,  Ft. Wayne   

    ph. 625-3477

Glenn Hile,  Ft. Wayne  

    ph. 485-5675

Ken Knipstein, Ft. Wayne

    ph. 447-2367

Walt Schroeder,  Ft. Wayne 

   ph. 402-0222

Mike Miller,  Ft. Wayne 

    ph. 493-0481 or  cell: 467-0640

Rick Ritter,  Ft. Wayne

      ph. 341-2287

Phil Verhoff,  SW Allen Co

    ph. 449-5932

Marc Studebaker, Geneva

    ph. 368-7768

Kathy Burns, Kendallville

  ph. 347-1865

Denzil Terry, Kendalville

   ph. 347-5461

Mark Schneider, Leo

    ph. 627-1029

Lowell Schlatter, Spencerville 

    ph. 238-4117

Steven Koch,  Woodburn

    ph. 348-0464

Ian Gass, Churubusco

    ph. 402-8922


For those of you who simply want to e-mail your questions,

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