Our objective is to promote the art and skills of beekeeping in Indiana and throughout the world.  By doing so, we preserve and improve the general environment in which we live, assist in providing better crop yield,  provide high quality honey, and we do our part to preserve bees.


Meetings may be cancelled based on current COVID conditions. Updates will be posted here. Mask requirements could change.

Next Meeting:

 Harvest Banquet - November 18 (Thursday)

 6:30pm - Classic Cafe, 4832 Hillegas Rd.

Dean Gerber, treasurer is taking reservations for the November Banquet (November 18th) now at:

       ph:  (260) 565-3773

     email:  djgerber@adamswells.com

Deadline for registration is Wednesday, November 10th.


Tentative Menu for Harvest Banquet:

Fancy Tossed Salad
served with tomato, peppers, cucumbers, and
shredded cheese, served with ranch or French dressing
Apple Almond Stuffed Breast of Chicken
Carved Ossian Ham
Au gratin Potatoes
Buttered Broccoli Florets
Warm Rolls and Butter
Pumpkin or Sugar Cream Pie
Coffee, Honey Lemonade, Ice Water
$12 per person, included gratuity & tax,

Missing the annual November Banquet is like not going to your sister’s wedding! Much work and energy is put into the arrangements, the food, and the speakers. We believe this year’s banquet will be an event you will not want to miss. You will not want to talk to one of your beekeeping friends a week after and wish you could turn back the time so you could attend.


Guidelines for all Meetings
1.)  If you have been in contact with anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19, please do not attend.
2.)  If you are feeling ill or have a fever, please do not attend.
3.)  Comply with local, state, and federal guidelines.
4.) It should be noted that this schedule can change along with speakers & subjects.

All meetings, except Field Day in May, will be held at the Classic Café 

Next Meeting


Swarm Removal
Bee Mentoring

We provide volunteer beekeepers to remove swarms of honeybees in our community. Call Rick Stephens (260) 610-1040 if you need assistance.

For the new beekeeper, or just an extra set of hands and eyes for troubleshooting, we have a list of seasoned apiarists ready to answer any questions.

We have lists of local and national suppliers for all of your beekeeping needs.  Be sure to check out other additional resources to find out more about honeybees. You can also find local honey for sale here.